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In the coming future, the population is growing really fast! We need more meat!

Therefore, you are assigned by the government to be a Farmer of the genetically modified rabbit!    
Try not to let those rabbit fill up the world and get enough funds through throwing them into a meat grinder in **7days**!


1,2,3,4 for changing the tools

1 is a turbo for the meat grinder, smash your E key or left mouse button to speed up the grinder!

2 is a tool to grab the rabbit

3, 4 is the weapon  (you need to upgrade them to LV.1 first so you can use it)

3 kill rabbit and left fragments, 4 kill rabbit and left nothing

Here is my LD entry Link:


Here is a walk-through video:

Published Dec 04, 2017
TagsLudum Dare 40


RabbitFarmer!!!!.rar 12 MB